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New to the HCV Program? Learn more by reading our FAQ

MWHS' random lottery drawing for the Housing Choice Voucher waitlist is complete.

Wednesday, August 23, 2023


  • If your submission was drawn in the lottery your status for the 2023 lottery will show “On List” and MWHS will notify you by mail to complete a full application. At that time all pre-application information will be verified. Also, please make sure that you update your pre-application with any new details using your original username and password. If your email or mail comes back as undeliverable or if there is no response because you changed your email address or moved and mail was not forwarded, your file will be canceled and you will need to reapply when the waiting list reopens.
  • If your submission was not drawn for this year’s lottery your status will state “Removed” upon logging in. You can reapply to the lottery using your original name and password next time it is open.
  • Keep checking back to this website for the next lottery opening.

Reasonable Accommodation Policy Any applicant with a disability can request a reasonable accommodation at any time. MWHS will provide auxiliary aids and reasonable accommodation as required for effective communication and participation in its programs.

HCVs are in high demand and therefore MWHS has a waitlist. MWHS opens its HCV lottery waitlist for new registrants typically for a two-week period approximately every one to two years. MWHS will post on its website, social media, and in area publications the dates that the lottery waitlist will open. When the lottery is open, you must register as a pre-applicant during the open period to have your name placed on the waitlist.  

HCV Waitlist Status

If you have already registered during an open period, you can check your status by logging into RentCafe with the email address and password you used to create an account.

There are two categories for the HCV lottery: On List or Removed.

If your status is On List, you are on the HCV lottery pre-application waitlist. Once your pre-application is ready to be processed, you will be emailed the instructions on how to begin the intake certification process.

If your status is Removed, your pre-application was not selected in the lottery and you have not been placed on the waiting list. You may reapply the next time the waitlist opens. It’s important to keep account log-in information to use to reapply when the waitlist opens again.

Information Updates/Changes

Keeping your RentCafe log-in credentials is important. Once you have applied and are on the waitlist or accepted into the HCV Program as a tenant, you are required to report any changes regarding members of the household or income to remain in good standing. Updated information and changes are processed through your RentCafe account.


MWHS has a no-contact drop box at our 575 Union office for all clients, voucher holders, and landlords to safely drop off paperwork and other documents. You can find the drop box just outside the main doors of the West entrance.

If you have been assigned an HCV Specialist, you can find their contact information in the resident portal of RentCafe


Reasonable Accommodation Policy:  Any applicant with a disability has an opportunity to request a reasonable accommodation at any time.  MWHS will provide auxiliary aids and reasonable accommodation as required for effective communication and participation in its programs.