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HCV Landlords

If you are already an HCV landlord you will need to work with your Housing Specialist directly for any question or concerns you may have. Housing Specialist information can be found by logging into the Landlord Portal.

For general questions please read our frequently asked questions or contact

Frequently Asked Questions

The HCV program allows you to fill a vacancy with a tenant who, by being on the program, gives you greater assurance of being able to afford the unit.  Our process offers free advertisement of the vacant unit by listing it on the Available Rental list which is made available to all HCV program participants that are searching for a rental unit. Email details of your rental listing to You should also send your rental details to, this site allows landlords to post units they would like to rent out for the entire Colorado region for free.

There are no maximum rent limits, but the owner is expected to charge a reasonable market rent for the unit based upon its size, location and amenities. The Fair Market Rents set by HUD for the Lakewood area can be found on the HUD website at The Fair Market Rents set by HUD are a guideline and include the cost of utilities.  These do not imply that all rents should be set at these rates.

Any existing rental housing may be eligible; single-family homes, condominiums, apartments, townhouses, and duplexes. All units must pass a Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Inspection and meet local code requirements.

Inspections can only be done after a unit is selected by an eligible participant. MWHS also requests that you make any necessary repairs prior to an inspection to avoid the necessity of another inspection which could delay the start of the lease and contract effective period.

Please see the Requirements Prior to Scheduling Inspections for HUD Housing Choice Vouchers. You can also review details on Housing Quality Standards. In addition to the initial inspection, inspectors check the unit annually and on an interim basis if necessary.  The inspector reports the findings to both you and Metro West Housing solutions.

These rental units can be located anywhere in Metro West Housing jurisdiction.These areas include: Lakewood, Edgewater, Wheat Ridge, Golden and unincorporated Jefferson County.

The landlord is responsible to screen the HCV participant for suitability as a tenant, just as they would any prospective tenant. A Request for Tenancy Approval that is provided to the landlord, is completed and submitted back to MWHS.  MWHS will then schedule a HUD Housing Quality Standards inspection of the rental unit. If it is determined that the unit meets HUD Housing Quality Standards, a lease is signed by the landlord and the HCV participant. In order to rent to a HCV participant the landlord must also sign a contract with Metro West Housing solutions.

The landlord is expected to collect a security deposit and the HCV participant’s share of the rent.  MWHS will pay the landlord on the first day of each month for its portion of the rent. 

It is the responsibility of the landlord to maintain the property’s overall condition and see that the basic plumbing, electrical, heating/cooling systems, etc. function properly. Should the HCV participant violate the terms of the lease or fail to pay rent, the landlord can evict the participant through normal court eviction procedure. It is the responsibility of the landlord to send the HCV participant’s Assisted Housing Specialist, copies of any notices of lease violations that are served to the participant.  Serious or repeated lease violations can result in the termination of housing assistance under the federal regulations. If the participant damages the rental unit beyond normal wear and tear, they are responsible to pay for the damages.  Damaging the unit may also result in the termination of the participant’s assistance.

Not in the first year of the lease. After the first year, the landlord may request an increase in writing, at least 60 days prior to the anniversary date of the lease. You must send a notice of rent increase to the HCV Specialist 60 days in advance.

The HCV participant is responsible to follow all of the terms of the lease as well as paying the rent and utilities for which they are obligated under the lease.  The participant is also responsible for normal housekeeping of the rental unit.  Serious or repeated lease violations can result in the termination of housing assistance under federal regulations. If the participant damages the rental unit beyond normal wear and tear, they are responsible to pay for the damages.  Damaging the unit may also result in the termination of a participant’s assistance.

Payments From MWHS

Housing Assistant Payments (HAP) to landlord from MWHS can be processed by check or direct deposit. Find vendor forms on our Documents & Forms page. Once completed return to After you have been established with direct deposit you will receive an email from notifying each time a payment has been processed.