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Celebrating The Women at MWHS: Daniela Dillon

For Women’s Month, MWHS is proudly spotlighting female leaders within our organization. Today, we’re featuring Daniela Dillon, our Resident Services Manager. As a dedicated member of our team, Daniela has played a pivotal role in refining our resident services program, leaving an indelible mark on our organization.


How long have you been at MWHS? 


Fifteen years ago, Daniela began her journey with MWHS. Our resident services program was yet to take form as we know it today. Initially, ‘Resident Services’ was comprised of a small team catering to individuals in public housing. Fast forward to today, our team has expanded threefold and provides services to residents across 18 communities. 


What do you enjoy about working at MWHS?

“I believe in our mission, and I have enjoyed working with the community partners,” Daniela told us.

MWHS collaborates with various organizations across Lakewood and Denver through our Resident Services team to provide resources and information to our residents.

From after-school programs to informative sessions on Medicare, our aim is to empower our residents for success. This wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated Resident Services team, led by Daniela, who works on-site and serves as a constant resource for our community.


Which aspects of being a woman/mother/sister/grandmother have helped you in the line of work you do?

“I feel grateful to do work I feel passionate about. As a mother and community member, you see the importance of the work,” Daniela says.

MWHS serves a diverse range of residents, with women comprising 75% of our resident population.


Have you had a mentor in your career? If yes, who was he/she and how did they help you? 

Daniela says that although she didn’t have a particular mentor in her time at MWHS, she draws inspiration and strength from other people in the organization. She emphasizes the importance of harnessing everyone’s unique talents to create a cohesive whole.


“Seeing strong women in the community and within our organization be supportive of each other has been an inspiration,” she says. She notes that to empower the women in our lives we must be good listeners, encourage others and always take accountability.